Saturday, February 15, 2014

CSI #110 and Off the Rails Scrapbooking Feb 7 challenge

A couple of weeks ago we lost our beautiful Netherland Dwarf rabbit -  Midget. I know most people will probably think a rabbit is a rabbit, but he had such a big personality for such a little rabbit. In winter, he would flop down in front of the heater to keep warm and in the summer lie in the sunlight and sunbake. He was forever jumping on the couches and he was a bit partial to toast. He would wait at the boards every morning waiting for me to bring my daughter her toast. I would give him a little corner and sometimes he would do a vertical jump up to grab it out of my fingers. Sometimes when the mood took him he would try and steal my daughters toast. He would jump up on her and try and get to her plate to pull a piece of toast off. Just the day before he died he had actully managed to jump up onto her plate even though she was holding it up away from him.

Anyway this is my entry for the Off the Rails Scrapbooking challenge which is to scrap a page with a photo or memorabilia of a loved one. 
It is also my sample for my special investigator over at CSI

And here is a close up of my cluster.

And here is the case file

As my evidence I used: pet accent, flowers, pearls, solid background and jewels. For my testimony I added jewels to my journalling spot.
My journalling reads: Rest in peace dear Midget. It is impossible to measure the happiness you brought. For such a small rabbit you had such a huge personality. We miss you.

Thanks for looking
Have a great weekend.

Judith xx


  1. This is just such a lovely memory page for you guys...he is the sweetest looking rabbit.....& I bet you miss his big personality...loooove the way you've scrapped this with the speech bubble. I really like the 'clean lines' on it - keeps the focus on the photos. Nice one, Judith:):)

  2. Awesome layout Judith! Really love the use of the film strip and your stitching too! Such beautiful pictures of dear little Midget - I was so sorry to hear he had passed away, I know Miss E in particular would have been devastated. May he rest in peace. X

  3. Judith I am sorry for your loss of your fur baby, may he keep eating toast in the land in the sky. The layout and colours you used really brings attention to the the photos of Midget. Thank you for sharing your storey and joining us at Off The Rails Scrapbooking

  4. Great layout Judy. I loved the little bunny trinket, so cute. Thanks for joining us over at Off The Rails Scrapbooking.