Friday, July 20, 2012

Challenge me Happy Challenge #26

Hi, here is my entry for Challenge No. 26 over at Challenge me Happy which was to include the word TODAY in the title. This is a photo taken at Daylesford one perfect autumn day earlier this year. I've used some Basic Grey Max and Whiskers for this one. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stuck! July sketch no. 1

I love sketches with circles so had to have a go at this Stuck sketch for July.  I used cogs for my circles. This is DS a couple of weeks ago at a friends birthday party. It was his first attempt at Go-Karting.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cats galore!

I have been scrapping honestly but have just been slack uploading to here. So thought I better share some of my work as it has been a while. We have had some feral cats around since the end of last year. Mother cat had 3 kittens and one of them started hanging around in February. I nicknamed him Smudge as he had a smudge near his mouth. He is a very curious cat and is always watching me in the garden. Then he disappeared and we heard the noise of new born kittens under our bedroom floor. A couple of weeks later we spotted mother cat with 3 kittens identical in colour to the 3 she had had before Christmas - one jet black, one tabby and one tabby/white (like Smudge). She kept the kittens in the garden and I enjoyed watching them play. Then they too disappeared but a couple of weeks later Smudge reappeared looking very thin. I took pity on him (I say him because of the size of him but lately I'm not so sure) and started feeding him. He sat waiting for me in the morning and at evening. Then a couple of weeks ago his younger brother/sister appeared. The kitten that matched him. He seems to have adopted him.Now they both wait for me in the morning and evening to feed them. If I work in the garden they follow me around and sit watching me a couple of metres away. They also come and sit on the back step and look in through the French doors. After tea they always seem to have a play fight and we see them rolling around and chasing after each other. It's nice that Smudge has a friend. We have called the little kitten - Smidge. Gets a bit complicated as we also have a rabbit called Midget or Midge for short! Anyway I have done some layouts of the cats. At least I can get photos of them which is more than can be said of the kids now!

This first layout is of the kittens that were born under our house. Smidge is the grey and white kitten. I did this for the sketch comp at Anna's Craft Cupboard a couple of months ago.

This is Smudge, in his leaner days. I did this one for Scrapbook Savvy sketch comp a couple of months ago.

This layout is of Smudge and Smidge at feeding time. This one was done for one of the weekly challenges over at Scrapzbiz a couple of weeks ago. It is based on a sketch by Sheree and the added criteria was to include a card on the layout.