Friday, April 12, 2013

CSI Challenge 66

I have been following these challenges for quite a while now but this is the first time I have actually completed one. I knew I just had to do this one. 

I love this colour combo and I have been wanting to journal about the personality of Smudge, one of my adopted cats. He is feral in that he was born in the wild and lives in the wild but in many ways doesn't act like a feral cat. He started hanging around the garden and is incredibly nosey. He often follows me round the garden when I am gardening and will flop down about a metre from where I am working. When I finish and move away he will get up and have a closer look at what I have been doing! On the other hand, he is a very timid cat. He often runs away when we go outside and I have no chance of actually stroking him. He's a bit braver when food is involved. I can now hold my hand out and he will sniff the end of my finger. He now stays next to the food bowl when I am dishing out food and will start eating from it whilst I am still dishing it out. But if I make a sudden movement or noise he dashes away. This is in complete contrast to his brother Smidge who bolts for the door when he hears the latch flick open and we have difficulty getting out the door. After some ardent leg rubbing, he will then flop over onto his back and invite us to tickle him.

The evidence used: white background, cat embellishment and arrows.
The testimony used: journal about a pet.

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  1. wow what a gorgeous cat (from a non cat lover), the colours work really well with the photo, I love this page.