Monday, April 6, 2009

Amazing Race Week 5

Well my run this in contest has finally come to an end. I must admit I was surprised I got this far. Got luck to the remaining 6 contestants. I have an inkling who the winners will be.
We had to use pp from 3 different manufacturers (I used Sassafras Lass - yellow, Fancy Pants - blue and Cosmo Cricket for the red), journalling and 3 photos. I didn't get time to scrap until Friday and then had a day from hell. Poor DS had been picked on at school that week and ended up hitting a boy who wouldn't stop hassling him. I can understand why he did it but he has to learn that it wasn't the appropriate action to take. Subsequently, he has to go to school on Monday for 3 hours. Besides this he also lost his mobile phone TWICE and thankfully it was handed into the school office twice. To add to this DD's school bag broke. It was only bought new at the beginning of the year.

Anyway here is my layout. The photos are of Eleanor in her new Little Miss Sunshine pyjamas.

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