Friday, March 20, 2009

Amazing Race

I have entered the Amazing Race over at Mystical Scrapbooks Luckily I've made it through to Week 3.

The first week we visited New York and you had to have pink and bling and a picture of you and your girlfriends having fun. Well, I had to delve into the archives for this one and came up with some photos from 1985! A group of us from Industry Library used to go out once a month for a girls night out. We'd pick a new restaurant to try in London every month. Anyway I just shot off a very simple layout not really expecting to get into the next round.

Luckily, about 6 people didn't even produce anything for Week 1 so everyone that did went through. Phew!

For Week 2 we visited Greenland and had to use just brown and white and bling. This screamed heritage to me, although I would have prefered to use cream and brown. Here is my entry.

I've used of my all time favourite old family photos of my Grannie and her cousins on her mother's side. Her mother was one of 12 and they all had children! This photo was taken circa 1900 and my Grannie is in the 2nd row from the back and 4th from the left. I have managed to work out who most of the children are.
Anyway this layout was good enough to make it through into Week 3.
This week we are visiting Egypt and have to include red and a warm weather photo. Will upload when it has been uploaded onto Mystical Scrapbooks gallery on Saturday night.

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