Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scary ride

Here is a layout I did for the Purple Pumpkin blog yesterday.

Well Halloween has been and gone and Purple Pumpkin has lots of Halloween inspired products that you can find here

However they don't have to be used just on Halloween photos. I scrapped this photo of my family just before they went to queue up for the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster at Movie World . They queued up for more than an hour and had just made the front of the queue when the ride broke down!

Here's a couple of close ups of Purple Pumpkin goodness - a cute Scooby Doobutton, green ticketorange crocheted doily and cantaloupe twine.

The cute spider button looked just right in the middle of this web which was already printed on my patterned paper.


  1. What a fab layout!!!! loved all of it :D

  2. That ride is seriously scary Judith! Loved it! Your layout is so fun and beautiful. :)

  3. Great job Judith! Lots of lovely details!!

  4. I love this page Judith. My kids dragged me on that ride last time we were at Movie World. They said it was just a kiddie coaster lol - I nearly died of fright (I HATE heights)! Hope your guys managed to get a ride in the end though!