Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's been a funny week

DD went off to camp in the Grampians on Tuesday and DS has gone off to Maryborough until Sunday, this morning. He had his photo on the front page of the local newspaper in an article about his schools entry to the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge, which is where he is at the moment. DD gets back from camp tomorrow afternoon, so DH and I have our first night alone together since DS was born (nearly 13 years ago!). I also got some really good news this afternoon, that DS has been accepted at the local Grammar School for next year.
Well, onto some scrapping. I managed to finish the rest of the Cybercrop challenges over at Scrapbooking Top 50. Here they are:

Challenge 5 was to create a layout using a whimsical style. Criteria was to include swirls or flourishes, a rubon, flowers and doodling. For a bonus you had to have a silhouetted photo. I have long wanted to do a layout like this with DD and her long hair.

Challenge 6 was to create a card using the criteria from one of the previous challenges. I went with the shabby chic style.

Finally, challenge 7 was based on criteria based on pictures we had selected earlier. My criteria were - to use a paper punch or mask, 2 brands of pp, use ivory or cream, used mixed alpha title and use ribbon. The bonus was to use style in the title. This is a photo of DD not looking too happy, dressed up for a Victorian school day.

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