Monday, August 27, 2012

Scrapz Olympics Part 2

As promised yesterday here is the rest of my Scrapz Olympic layouts.
Challenge 5 was weightlifting.  The added criteria was to use the word WEIGHT in your title or journalling, have numbers, include something heavier than paper. I used a charm.

Challenge 6 was Swimming. For this the added criteria was to use butterflies, use the word BREATHE in the title or journalling and to do something freestyle. I flicked some glimmermist for this.

Challenge 7 was cycling and the added criteria was to use the word RIDE, include wheels and use a chain.

The final challenge was the Closing Ceremony in which the added criteria were to use the word CELEBRATE or CELEBRATION, use something round, use lots of stickers and include flags. I had lots of fun doing this one and included a photo of DD at her party last weekend for this.

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